Pathways & Processes: Developing JHU’s DEI Strategic Plan

Developing a strategic plan that clearly articulates commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion is bedrock to the success of institutions of higher education. This session examines Johns Hopkins University’s (JHU) processes to bring together a cross-divisional and cross-affiliation task force to develop evidence-based recommendations to advance DEI in priority areas in a highly decentralized institution. JHU embraced a transparent process to represent myriad voices from across the institution, with designated resources for advancing DEI embedded throughout the plan. In this session, presenters will share key takeaways from the process including: the essential nature of securing investments early in the process and embedding them into the plan; when to incorporate evidence-based strategies from outside of higher education; and the imperative for clear, agreed-upon deliverables from the outset of the process. Participants will engage with the presenters via shared strategic planning exercises. While reflecting on JHU’s process, participants will consider the impact of the elements of strategic planning with participants and explore how to apply these elements at their institutions in their settings and roles. Participants will engage in small group discussions to explore strategic planning frameworks to allow for connections to be made within the session while encouraging participants to identify strengths and unmet needs within their institution.

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Categories: 2023 Annual Conference