UC San Diego Yellow Brick Road: Crowdsourcing Impactful and Diverse Ideas Through an IdeaWave

We’ve all been there. Open your inbox, and see “Please take our survey.” Argh, another one – what’s in it for me and my time? But it doesn’t have to be like that. With the return of campus full operations and an opportunity to engage staff on the post-pandemic work culture, UC San Diego’s Office of Operational Strategic Initiatives (OSI) Tritonlytics™ Team leveraged this moment to do something brand new. After completing our annual Staff at Work Satisfaction Survey in partnership with our campus Human Resources Team, we created the Yellow Brick Road strategy. The roadmap created a repeatable, annual process for our entire academic year where we integrated our qualitative and quantitative survey with a post-survey IdeaWave™ campaign and associated action steps run by solution implementation teams. Our inaugural one-month IdeaWave ™ campaign finished in January 2023 and we engaged 5,000+ diverse staff willing to submit, vote and comment on 35+ impactful ideas both individually and collectively on the IdeaWave™ platform. This session will showcase these results and highlight the entire roadmap process.

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Categories: 2023 Annual Conference