In 1999, as today, a number of colleges and universities were struggling to become more effective, efficient, service-oriented institutions.

No single association brought together the campus leaders charged with overseeing these initiatives, to facilitate the sharing of best practices and to promote these purposes nationally. NCCI was formed to be that association.

The Dr. Brent D. Ruben Award is presented to a NCCI member in appreciation of their leadership in founding and sustaining NCCI to advance excellence in higher education.

2024 Nominations are due on May 15, 2024; submit your nomination below.

Award Recipients

2023 Recipients

Sarah Collie

11/30/17 UVA Organizational Excellence.
Photo by Amanda Maglione

Dave Teske

  • 2022: Carol Mullaney
  • 2021: Davina Desnoes & Kathleen Scott
  • 2020: Cindy Taylor
  • 2019: Dr. Ruth Johnston & Dr. Harry Hertz
  • 2018: Dr. Teresa A. Hartnett
  • 2017: Dr. David Ward
  • 2016: Catherine Lilly
  • 2015: Dr. John Dew
  • 2014: Dr. Kathryn L. Burkgren
  • 2013: Dr. Lawrence A. Gould
  • 2011: Posthumously to the family of Roderick “Rick” Wallick
  • 2009: Ron Coley
  • 2008: Maury Cotter
  • 2007: Louise Sandmeyer
  • 2006: Dr. Brent Ruben