Get to know NCCI’s committees.

Comprised of representatives from member institutions, NCCI Committees serve an important role in coordinating the projects and activities of the Association as together we strive to grow your network. Serving on a committee is a great way for you to contribute to NCCI while enhancing your network and broadening your knowledge of change efforts in higher education.

The Annual Conference Committee designs the educational program for the NCCI Conference each year. This includes selecting speakers for concurrent workshops and general sessions and coordinating conference logistics.


Antonio Nava
UC San Diego

The Membership & Outreach Committee strives to ensure that the value of the NCCI network is continuously enhanced by improving the richness and diversity of our member institutions. This involves actions to retain current members and grow our network by adding new members. We do this through direct outreach to members and prospective members; reviewing member profile data to identify targeted areas for recruiting; and devising strategies for both retention and new member growth.


Bea Muganda
University of North Carolina

The Professional Development Committee supports sharing of information, skills, and knowledge by creating professional development opportunities that provide value and recognition to the NCCI membership, both as individuals and as institutions. Committee members utilize member feedback to research and identify topics and speakers for online educational programs.


Melinda Wallace
University of Alabama

The Volunteer Development Committee is responsible for ensuring that NCCI is a model for volunteer involvement for those members willing to give of their time and talents to advance the events and services of NCCI. Members gain insights into training, recruitment, recognition, and evaluation practices, while building relationships with colleagues interested in giving back and developing new skills.


Kendra Lewis-Strickland
Georgia Tech

The NCCI Education Council is responsible for the comprehensive development of core competencies for the organization as well as the process by which these competencies can be reliably incorporated in all educational offerings. The council is new for NCCI and started in September 2022.


  • Review and identification of core competencies
  • Provide strategic oversight of education and professional development offerings
  • Engage in analysis of trends in higher education and potential new directions for education and professional development offerings

Time Commitment:

Meets once a month (as a full committee) and once a quarter with representatives from each of the various committees engaged in education and professional development (about three hours per month).


Cindy Moscrip
Purdue University