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NCCI’s Power60 webinars are hour-long discussions led by higher education thought leaders. Power60s are held monthly and open to the public. While there are no fees to participate, registration is necessary. Past topics included Cultural Humility and Intercultural Praxis, Creating a Culturally Responsive and Validated Leadership Framework, and Change Management and your Process Improvement Project.

Upcoming Program

Difficult Conversations: Approaching with Curiosity
June 6, 1–2 p.m. Eastern

Introducing and managing change are not the only tough conversations we have at work. By learning how to approach conversation with more awareness of what can make a conversation difficult, we are better prepared to speak and be heard—and encouraging others to do the same. When we can be curious, not furious, we have a better chance to build dialogue rather than resistance. We can surface the best ideas, foster teamwork, make the highest-quality decisions, and resolve individual and group disagreements respectfully.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will know about:

  • Why we struggle to stay in conversation when things get tricky.
  • Ways to prepare ourselves to have difficult conversations.
  • Methods to suspend judgement and be open to other perspectives.

As a result of attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Examine elements of a situation to guide conversations.
  • Approach tricky conversations with more curiosity.
  • Bring more information into a conversation to enhance solution generation

Vicky Tibbs, senior organizational development consultant at UC–Davis Health, enthusiastically partners with clients in strategic planning, team building, change management, increasing employee engagement, and other organizational effectiveness projects. She has guided leaders, managers, teams and employees through various operational and enterprise-wide changes.

Tibbs has a master’s in business administration, is a certified senior professional in human resources, a certified practitioner and certified trainer Prosci/ADKAR Change Management, a certified trainer for Crucial Conversations©, Crucial Accountability©, Influencer© and Getting Things Done©, as well as a certified administrator of The Leadership Circle 360 evaluation and an associate certified coach. She is an experienced instructor and has developed and delivered curriculum for a wide range of topics.

Tibbs is a life-long reader, a music enthusiast, a mixed-media artist and a fearless gardener. When not at work, you will likely find her engaged one of those activities, with a huge smile on her face.

Learning Together to Transform Higher Education

The Exchange is an online networking opportunity for NCCI members to share ideas, tools, and best practices relating to the topic of change, innovation, strategy, and/or leadership development. As a result of participating in these sessions, participants will strengthen relationships with peers, grow their knowledge, and become better equipped to transform higher education institutions as change leaders.

Check back soon for upcoming sessions.

NCCI offers online professional development programs that will explore a common theme, creating immersive experiences for you to learn timely and meaningful information, cultivate this knowledge into action, and build networks you can call on—for yourself and your institution. As you continue to learn new skills and adapt to new environments, our network of members and thought leaders serves as a powerful resource to support each other in unique and purposeful ways.

You can register for one, two, or all of the sessions within a themed program depending on your interest. To achieve the program objectives, we encourage attendees to join as many sessions as possible.

Check back soon for upcoming programs. Past themes includes Inclusive Leadership, Process Improvement, and Recalibration: Creating a Better Normal.