Collaborative Leadership Development: An Inside Look at the Big Ten Academic Alliance Programs – Recording (March 2021)

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Charity Farber, BTAA Associate Director of Programs Team
Program Director, BTAA Leadership Development Programs

Big Ten Academic Alliance Headquarters
Champaign, IL

Theodore (Terry) Curry, Chair BTAA Academic Leadership Program (ALP)
Advisor to the Provost

Professor, School of Human Resources and Labor Relations
Associate Provost & Associate Vice President, Academic Human Resources (2007-2020)
Michigan State University

Steve Abel, Chair, Departmental Executive Officers Program (DEO)
Associate Provost for Engagement, Office of Engagement

Professor, Pharmacy Practice
Purdue University

Brent Ruben, Senior University Fellow and Founder
Rutgers Center for Organizational Leadership

Advisor for Strategy and Planning | Distinguished Professor of Communication
Office of the Exec Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rutgers University


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